The land of blanket and pillow forts

From The Book of Blanketville

Blanketville – A Land Everlasting

It is said that wishes gaze upon dreams. But, sometimes in between, the dreams and wishes meet, and they give rise to a blanket fort.

Kindled are the hearts that are true. They Illuminate and decorate the heavens, and all its wonders with their never ending blanketfortness. When daylight takes its leave and the night falls, inwards we travel towards our places of slumber. We long for the soft and peaceful embrace of pillows and blankets, and a matrass which carries us gently, like a cloud floating worriless across a blue sky.

Creativity and a yearning for fellowship may lead us further into this boundless land that exists within our hearts and dreams. All that is not a virtue is left behind, and forgotten, for it has no meaning here.

I travelled the rainbow, and at the end I found Blanketville.

Blanketville – a land of peace and blanket forts, manifested by the sole care for wellbeing and togetherness. Here, we just are. All sorts and varieties of blankets, pillows and matrasses have shaped a world within a world, endless and abound in its coziness and comforts. When the daytime has passed, Blanketville alights.

Let blankets and pillows be thine comfort. Maketh them into a sanctuary, so they might shelter and embrace thee. May ye want for nought.

Oh ye of greatness, feareth not the whispers of the enlightened embodiments, for all roads lead to Blanketville. When thou goest astray in the night, looketh upon the brightest star, for he is the light of Blanketville. When thou feelest cold, let a blanket fort be thine fire, for it is the warmth and well-being of Blanketville.

I saw the future, and everyone was building blanket forts together.